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Give Your Windows A Modern Look

Window blinds have come a long way since the thin, dull off-white types we had to choose from years ago. Now, there is a wide variety of modern styles, designs, colors, shapes, and sizes available to give your windows the look you want. Thus, they don’t call them “tiltable window treatments” for nothing. Blinds today can also be tilted, allowing you to control privacy levels and lighting.

Whether your windows or doors are a vertical or horizontal shape, The Blindery has blinds available to cover them completely.

If you are looking for added privacy, we’ve got you covered with horizontal blinds. These blinds are made with the award-winning SmartPrivacy technology to conceal route holes and provide tighter closure so you get less light leakage and more privacy. The privacy blinds feature will meet your every need and they are available in both premium and faux wood.   

Those with children or pets will enjoy the cordless option that’s easy to operate and the only routeless, cordless blinds available with the lowest amount of unwanted penetration. For vertical applications, choose our revolutionized Synchrony vertical blinds that made significant improvements to traditional window coverings. This award-winning Aileron headrail has a sleek, modern design, along with a better light-blocking capability and no unsightly valances to fail, fall off, or break.

Learn more details about the various features and benefits our blinds have to offer.


Smart Privacy Faux Wood Blinds

Get less light leakage and more privacy with our innovative, exclusive smart privacy technology. Enjoy a streamlined appearance and safe, remarkable cordless operation with this “Best for Kids” certified feature. From UV exposure to heat or moisture, our faux wood blinds can be used in virtually any environment. Designed with unmatched performance, durability, and style.

Features & Benefits

Our smart privacy faux wood blinds offer unmatched cordless operations, the tightest closure available, and many more features and benefits.

Tightest Closure

Smart privacy is a feature that conceals route holes and provides tighter closure for added privacy and less light.

Cordless Lift System

Our cordless lift system makes it easier to raise and lower your blinds, and because it stays level, you never have to worry about the slats shifting. The cordless lift system is also “Best for Kids” certified, making it a great option for those with young children.

Safety First

Choose our proprietary formulation that’s not only durable and lightweight but also lead-free as well.

Valance-Free Headrail

The modern, valance-free, impact-resistant headrail is both trouble-free and appealing.

Broad Color Selection

Get grain embossed and solid slats in a wide range of patterns and color options.


Our corded lift blinds with Insta-Lock provide precise and effortless position locking. You no longer have to pull left or right; rather, give it a tug straight down and release.

Wood Blinds

Discover sheer natural elegance with our eco-sourced and distinctively grained wood blinds that feature award-winning smart privacy technology and quarter-sawn wood for immaculately refined quality.

Features & Benefits

Our wood blinds offer the tightest closure, the most excellent cordless operating system, and are loaded with great features.

Smart Privacy Technology

Enjoy the tightest closure with award-winning smart privacy blinds offering concealed route holes that reduce light penetration for extra privacy.

Superior Cordless System

“Best for Kids” certified cordless lift system provides flawless daily operation with no slat shifting since it stays leveled and has an easy raise and lower mechanism.

Quarter Sawn Slats

Our blind slats are not like plain cheaper sawn slats, rather they are refined from a quartered log and cut perpendicular style to the grain for increased warping resistance and added stability.

Engineered Bottom Rail

Designed with the button rail cap integrated into the rail, an engineered bottom rail eliminates protrusion that causes damage to the window sill in the long run.

OSMO Finish Option

This optional finish is a natural, safe, and eco-friendly stain finish that intensely amplifies wood’s natural graining for character-rich slats.

Elegant Grain Patterns

Grain patterns that are elegant and unique are created using quarter-sawn slats and 100% premium hardwood.


Originated from “miracle” forests, our premium Paulownia Wood rejuvenates after harvest every seven years.


Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds combine the improved performance and durability of modern technology with traditional vertical blind practicality for a perfected and refined iconic solution.

Features & Benefits

Offering the utmost in UV protection and dependability, our vertical blinds can appeal to almost any room design with an array of textures, colors, and advanced features available that will highlight your style.

Valance-Free Design

This valance-free design is modern, sleek, and fashion-forward as it removes the need for extra top treatments that more than likely fall or break off.

Aileron Headrail

Headrail designs that automatically adjust when the slats rotate open or closed to completely block light.

Flame Resistant

NDPA 701 flame resistant certified, giving you peace of mind.

Cordless Wand Operation

This easy-to-operate cordless design was certified, “Best for Kids”, making it a great option for those with kids and/or pets.

Colors and Textures

Get more modern style colors and textures that provide reliable quality and enhance any room.

Modern S-Curved Vanes

Modern S-Curved Vanes add a drape-like elegant look to your windows with tight closure.

Why Choose The Blindery?

Our mission at The Blindery is to help you achieve your window treatment goals. From simple window treatments to elaborate custom designs, from shades to wooden Venetian blinds, The Blindery offers the best selection at competitive prices to the Denver Metro Area. Our commitment to quality service and fair prices allows our customers to enjoy their experience and savor the finished look of their window treatments.

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