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Also known as plantation shutters, interior shutters are among the most timeless, elegant, and versatile window treatments available today. The Blindery has shutters available designed to fit any shape or size, including french doors, sliding glass doors, and other specialty shapes. Not only do shutters provide privacy and light control, but they also offer insulation. Explore our wide range of shutters designed to fit all shapes, sizes, colors, budgets, and tastes.


Composite Shutters

Wood composite shutters with supreme strength, durability, and density. In fact, these shutters are even stronger, more stable, and more robust than solid wood shutters. They are an iconic solution that is resistant to cracking, peeling, discoloration, and chipping. Our composite shutters are also big on safety as they are CARB compliant and VOC-safe for off-gassing. It’s no wonder they are the #1 best-selling shutters among homeowners across the globe.

Features & Benefits

Our composite shutters are made with durable, quality construction and award-winning innovation.

Safety First

We ensure all our products are lead-free and do not contain heavy soluble metals. Our shutters also exceed international standards for the off-gassing of harmful chemicals.


Control all the shutters in your home with one remote or by using the app. Open or close your shutters even while you are away from home.

Polypropylene Coating

This safe medical-grade coating protects against chipping, fading, discoloration, and scratching. It is often used in the food packaging, toy, and automotive industries.


Made with an EcoSmart specially formulated wood composite using up to 95% of every harvested tree.

Invisible Tilt

As the name suggests, this tilt rod is practically invisible with a built-in gear-driven solution that flawlessly tilts with precise control.

Recessed Magnets

The magnets are recessed for flawless performance and a streamlined appearance, unlike unsightly conventional cabinet magnets that fail over time.

Hybrid Shutters

Hybrid shutters are exactly that – a hybrid blend of wood and composite material that utilizes durable yet lightweight ABS for its louvers. This material is often used for high-end endurance applications like car parts, helmets, and appliances, using structured wood composite rails and frames. It is CARB compliant and VOC-safe for off-gassing. Thus, it is versatile, tougher than ever before, and has more colors, too.

Features & Benefits

A host of available options and built-in features are what make our hybrid shutters among the world’s best-selling shutters.


With one remote, you can control all the shutters in your home, or use an app to close your shutters while you are away from home.

ABS Future Louver

Our ABS louvers are designed like the wings of an aircraft and are rigid, lightweight, and strong. Multiple paint sequences and sanding yield a premium high-end finish.

Waterproof Options

Waterproof options to protect against direct water or high moisture contact.


Made with an EcoSmart specially formulated wood composite using up to 95% of every harvested tree.

Wide Panel Widths

We can create up to 36” wide panels for more unobstructed views with our strong but lightweight “ABS louver of the future”.

Invisible Tilt

Tilt louvers without a visible rod. Thus, a gear-driven built-in system flawlessly tilts with precise control.

Unlimited Color Options

Get creative with custom color options that include 27 standard colors.


Wood Shutters

Unique and sophisticated window coverings with real hardwood and unmistakable natural beauty. Our stained shutters are made with Paulownia hardwood for luxurious wood graining that contains natural elegant characteristics portraying character and depth. Our shutters are crafted with prescription wood prepared for incredible durability, exhibiting one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all wood-type shutters.

Features & Benefits

Our best technologies and materials are combined with every option imaginable to create quality window furniture.

Elegant Wood Grain

Our stained shutters use luxurious wood graining containing elegant natural characteristics that exhibit both character and depth.

PerfectTilt G4 Motorization

Control all your shutters with a simple remote or an app allowing you to open or close the shutters even when you are not home.

Prescription Wood Conditioning

The moisture level of our wood shutters is customized to the end of its destination. The drying process is unique and helps reduce swelling and post-installation shrinkage.

Invisible Tilt

This has a gear system built-in for precise control and flawless tilt.

Mortise and Tenon Joinery

Our mortise and tenon joints are found in heirloom furniture. They help shutters withstand racking forces and shear stress over decades.

Engineered Stiles

We bond multiple layers of wood together to strengthen the stile core and provide stability and durability for life.

Unlimited Color Options

The possibilities are endless with customized color options, stains, and over 50 standard paints.

Quarter Sawn Louvers

These are not like the flat cheap sawn louvers contained in regular wood shutters. Quarter sawn louvers include a tighter grain with more resistance to twisting, cupping, and warping.

Premium Wood Shutters

From style to durability options that build quality, these shutters signify 20-plus years of culmination in craftsmanship and innovation. These shutters are crafted with 30% more wood, making them bigger, beefier, stronger, and more robust.

Features & Benefits

We combined every imaginable option with our best technologies and materials to create quality furniture for windows.

Robust Construction

What do premium wood shutters have that our standard line doesn’t? Thicker louvers, 30% more wood, and robust stiles make these the highest performing shutter in the world.


Use an app or a simple remote to control all the shutters in your home from anywhere.

Invisible Hinge

Enjoy a concealed design that provides a clean contemporary look along with a high-end satin finish that completes the design.

Prescription Wood Conditioning

The moisture levels in this wood are customized to reach its final destination with a unique frying method that helps reduce post-installation swelling and shrinkage.

Invisible Tilt

A built-in gear-driven system and a non-visible tilt rod that provides precise tight control and flawless tilts.

Wide Single Panel Width

This industry-leading hinge is built with robust construction for up to 48” wide panels, allowing a wider unobstructed view.

Mortise and Tenon Joinery

These mortise and tenon joints are found in heirloom furniture. They help your shutters to withstand years of racking and stress forces.

Unlimited Colors Options

The possibilities are endless with custom color options and over 50 standard stains and paints.


Shutters That Bring a Lifetime of Enjoyment

If you are looking for a better window treatment option, look no further than shutters at the Blindery. These shutters offer timeless elegance, room lighting control, various color options, and many more features and benefits. Explore our inventory to learn more about our shutters that can brighten or darken any room.